Tech Tips For Mobile Users: Truecaller પરથી નામ-નંબર હટાવવા અપનાવો આ સરળ Tips

Sometimes on Truecaller, our number and name appear reversed.  Even if we want to, we cannot remove our identity from Truecaller and start getting disturbed.  So let's know how to remove your name and number from Truecaller.

 Know how Truecaller collects your data?

 How to delete a number from Truecaller?

 Is Truecaller a safe app for you?

 New Delhi: In the age of smartphones and technology, True Caller is used to know who is calling you.  Sometimes, if your number has been charged, how can you add your new number in True Caller or what to do if you want to remove your number from it, it creates a headache.  But now you don't have to worry about this issue.  Try this easy trick.

 If you want to remove your number and name from Truecaller forever, so that your identity remains private, then this news is for you, because today we are going to tell you the complete step by step process to remove name and number from Truecaller.  With its help you can also permanently remove your name and number from Truecaller.  So let's know the complete process step by step.

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 Before deleting names and numbers from Truecaller, be aware that it generates contact details from all users' smartphone address books.  Even if no one uses it, but still your number and name is present in Truecaller's database, because someone else might be using your number, from where your database is stored on Truecaller.

 Let us tell you that if you use this app, you cannot remove your number from this service.  You must close your account to delete the number.  If you want to know other's contact details by deleting your number it is not possible.  So let's know how to deactivate Truecaller account on iPhone and Android phone.

 How to Disable Truecaller in Android:

 - First of all you have to open the Truecaller app

 - Then tap on the People icon in the top left corner

 - Then go to settings

 - After that you have to go to About

 - There you will find Deactivate Account, where you can deactivate it

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 How to disable Truecaller on iPhone:

 - First of all you have to open the Truecaller app

 - After that tap on the gear icon at the top right.

 - Then go to About Truecaller

 - At the bottom of this option you will find the option to disable Truecaller

 - You can deactivate your account by clicking here

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 How to delete your number from Truecaller:

 - First of all you have to go to Truecaller unlist page

 - Enter your number with country code, e.g.  +911100404040

 - After that select Unlist option and give reason

 - After that fill the verification captcha

 - After that you have to click on Unlist

 - After doing this, Truecaller will delete your number after 24 hours.

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