Shortest Man: This is the shortest person in the world, whose height increased by 1.8 cm in 10 years, see pictures

Edward Nino The Shortest Man: Every person in the world is different in height.  Some are very tall and some are very short.  While some are average in length.  But do you know where the world's shortest person i.e. the shortest man lives.  Let's know in detail..

The world's shortest man currently lives in Colombia. Name is Edward Nino. He was born on 10 May 1986 in Bagota. His name appeared in the Guinness Book of Records for the first time on 13 April 2010. At that time its length was 70.21 centimeters. That is the same height as a six month old baby

Later Edward Nino's record was broken by Nepal's Khagendra Thapa.  Born on 14 October 1992, Thapa's height was recorded as 67.08 cm (2 ft 2.41 in).  But on 17 January 2020, Khagendra died at the age of 27.

By the time Edward was four years old, his family realized that he was not growing up like his friends.  Although his parents showed him to the doctors, he was suffering from a disease called severe hypothyroidism.

Despite his condition, Edward has always enjoyed life.  He tries to face adversity with all his might.  Edward enjoys spending time with his family and spends his free time learning new words, playing cards, and exercising.

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They also do modeling work.  Dancing is also his hobby.  When he dances, all eyes in the room are on him.  They pride themselves on their talent.

Edward lives with his parents and siblings in a country house near Bogotá.  He enjoys taking care of his home.  In particular they like to organize their rooms, clean the house and feed and pet their animals.  He has chickens, pigs, cows, rabbits and many other creatures!

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